FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you offer?

    Jag Services, Inc specializes in the recovery of cars and trucks, for banks, finance companies, car dealers, credit unions, auction houses and law firms in most of upstate New York.

  • Do you also recover collateral assets that aren't motor vehicles?

    Yes, we also repossess farm equipment, campers, boats, and other large items.

  • What if the debtor can't be found?

    "Skip tracing" is a specialized field. We're experienced and knowledgeable with the many laws surrounding personal investigations in New York State. In all of our years of working in this field, we've maintained a reputation for honesty and of full compliance with all the applicable guidelines surrounding our investigative activities. Don't give up on that difficult-to-find borrower until you call and talk with us!

  • What areas do you cover?

    We're able to work in all of Upstate New York; but because our network and experiences are primarily in the Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse regions, we usually limit our searches to the areas highlighted on the map in the "RECOVERY AREA" section of this website.

  • Are you able to take advantage of GPS tracking devices?

    Yes, if the collateral is equipped with a functioning GPS tracking transmitter, we're able to use that signal to locate the vehicle anywhere in our coverage area.

  • You also tow illegal parkers in Rochester?

    Yes, we contract with a wide range of businesses to keep their parking spaces cleared. Some of our illegal parking customers are also banks that call on us for collateral recovery, as well.

  • Can we ask for references?

    Of course! We're happy to give the names and contact information of several banks and finance companies that we've been working with for years on request.

JAG truck 585-454-4584

JAG Services Inc
49 Bay Street
Rochester, NY 14605

Print assignment form Adams Auto JAG for towing of illegal parkers too